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New routine
06 Abr 2020
 During coronavírus pandemic, teachers and students are talking about the new routine in online fóruns...

Teacher: “Hi, everyone! Here I am testing new tools, downloading apps and have the feeling that a new weird phase has just started. [...] Please, let me know about your routine and how you are feeling about it”.

Student 1: “Overall it´s being very weird these last 2 weeks. [...] After I wake up, I have breakfast then spend about 90 minutes to 2 hours studying, having school reunions and doing homework. After that I play videogames for about 2 hours, then have lunch, play about 90 more minutes, take a walk with my dog, spend about 60 more minutes doing homework and to finish the day have dinner and watch some TV [...]”.

Teacher: “Wow, lots of videogame! [...]

Student 2: “[...] My routine is almost the same thing every day, I wake up, eat my breakfast, do my homework spend like 4 hours of my day playing video games and then I play some guitar and go to sleep. But I´m kinda liking this because I get to play videogames more than usual and have more time to do my homework.

Teacher: “Great to have a hobby, such as the guitar, now [...]”

Student 3: “These past few weeks are being really crazy! [...] These past few days all of us had classes soon in the morning so waking up late wasn´t possible, unfortunately. It´s being all really frustrating mostly because we can´t leave our houses but the most heartbreaking is not being able to see my friends and not playing outside sports. I´ve spent, on these days at home, all my time playing the piano, seeing Netflix and doing homework [...] I haven´t got used to these new routine but hopefully everything will become clearly in the next few days...




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06 Jun 2020
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25 Mai 2020
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